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Mixed media piece with ruby… must see detail!!



This was made out of a vintage sterling silver spoon and lapis stone…



New pendant made out of a beautifully rippled piece of reticulated silver paired with an emerald and accented with a bit of gold fusion. The clasp might just be the most interesting part, really making this a stand out piece. Come by the shop and take a look for yourself!IMG_2180

Gifts ideas for someone special…


Handmade sterling silver jewelry is a truly special gift because it something that will last forever.  With Levent’s pieces there is never a question of quality or design. Ever piece is unique and one of a kind. We are always taking custom orders. Together we can work to bring to life the perfect piece that integrates all of their favorite elements.
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New Moonstone & Fusion Piece


What is fusion you might ask?  Many metalsmith actually discover the process of fusion by mistake while soldering or annealing metal.

When the metal reaches the melting point there is a small span of time when the outer layers begin to melt (looks like melting butter) and the interior remains solid. In technical terms you can define the process as; the interior remains “solidus zone” while the surface regions enter the “liquidous” stage. This process allows pieces of metal to fuse or join in welding.

Because of the random process that is time controlled by chance, the process can be very tricky and unpredictable making these composed pieces so special.

A Timeless Pendant

This piece is handmade by Levent. This piece holds timeless element, a unique shape that is simple but strong.

A Striking Piece of Jewelry

Ruby and Gold on S. Silver

Here is a new piece from Oz Collection. Although it did not stay long after being created and already has found a new home, we wanted to share this with you.

After fusing fine silver granules onto a reticulated piece of sterling silver sheet , the gold strip was soldered. Afterwards, the setting for the cabochon ruby was prepared. Only after finishing the bail at the back of the piece could the ruby be set. All that was left was polishing and putting a chain through it.

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Girls Night Out



Always a great time when we get to create together and have fun while doing it! Find out more about Girls Night Out by emailing us at or by calling us at 402-558-1307. You’ll want to part of the next group!


Please stop in today 12-13-13 from 2-8PM for some sweet deals on everything in the store!  Refreshments will be served

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Classes start in January at Silver of Oz in Montclair Shopping Plaza.  2014 might just be the year to start a new hobby!  Imagine making your own gorgeous silver jewelry to wear or give as gifts.  It is very rewarding to be able to say “I made it myself”!  If you are in the area, stop in to take a look at our workshop!