Darcy B.

I love shopping at Silver of Oz. The store owner is a true artist and always enthusiastic about turning creative ideas into brilliant designs.

Natalie D.

My experiences at Silver of Oz have always been very positive. Levent has a lovely shop and a truly hospitable manner. He gives real advice when needed and wonderful and timely repair. Even though I have to travel 90 miles to get to the shop, there’s nowhere else to go that makes as much sense as bringing my needs to Silver of Oz.

Dorothy S.

I became a fan of Levent’s jewelry when his shop was in Benson. He takes the time to know his customers’ names, thereafter welcoming his patrons by name when they enter his store. He carries unique artistic jewelry, so when he moved to his new location, I of course, continue to seek his expertise whenever I am in search of that special, unique gift. Even difficult to please friends and family are happy with his jewelry. His new store is delightful, and I occasionally visit just for fun, to see his new pieces. I always enjoy my visit, and leave smiling. Thanks for all that you do, Levent.

Janice M.

On a trip to Omaha, I noticed the beautiful store front for Silver of Oz, so I asked my husband to take me there. The inside of the store was intriguing and I was very fascinated with their displays. Then I spotted the jewelry. I love good quality and “real” jewelry, and I could see right away that the merchandise in Silver of Oz was just that!

I ended up spending over $1,000 but I found three beautiful rings, a silver chain, and a large pendant. They are all outstanding in quality and beauty. We live too far away from Omaha for me to get involved in the silver smithing classes, but I wish I could do it. I look forward to shopping at Silver of Oz again some day. It was a special treat.


Mr. Oz and his associates give unique attention to me. They treat me royally every time I come in and remember the type of jewelry I like – both new creations and vintage pieces. Also what a treat one time to have him quickly create a replacement earring for one I had lost.