Handcrafted Jewelry with a Turkish & European Touch

c277009ca65691601a056bbf63d20914Silver of Oz offers a wide variety of handcrafted silver jewelry mostly produced by the owner artist Levent Oz. His style was influenced by a combination of Ottoman court jewelry and European modern style. A fusion of old and new; east and west. Playing with the surface of the metal, he creates unique pieces, which embrace the precious and semi- precious stones. You are always welcome to contribute your mind’s desire for the right one for you.

More About Levent

Levent Oz was born in Istanbul, Turkey, one-time capital of the Ottoman Empire. As the son of a museum supervisor, he had the chance to see the impressive court jewelry collection — part of which was not even accessible to the common visitor.

He started to design his own jewelry, and eventually opened up his own shop. However, after moving to Vienna, Austria, in 1992, he was forced to find out how to produce the jewelry he designed, since he no longer had the support of the workshops which finished his pieces.

The year 1998 was a turning point—it was the year of his trip to the United States where he later decided to stay and eventually become a citizen. And in 2008, he opened his tiny shop — Silver of Oz — in Benson, Omaha.

After being in Benson for a year, Silver of Oz moved to a bigger location, with a workshop room, a room for silversmithing classes, and space for a small art gallery. Finally, in 2012, Silver of Oz moved to West Omaha, where it’s been ever since.

Today, Silver of Oz offers a wide variety of handcrafted silver jewelry mostly produced by Levent. In addition to making an assortment of jewelry, he also leads silversmithing classes to help you design the piece of your dreams.

Stop by Silver of Oz today, or give us a call at 402-558-1307!